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Pointers for Getting that Perfect Beard Neckline

Like other men, you probably know how trimming your neck hair can affect your total appearance. When done right, it can leave the beard looking well-groomed right away.

If you’re aiming for that classic flawless full beard, here are some trimming techniques you can try:Below are some beard-trimming methods that can help you achieve that traditional clean full beard that all men want:The following are some tips to help you achieve that clean and classic full beard that most men desire:

Careful Around the Neckline

Neck hair typically creates an unkempt look for the beard, besides being just uncomfortable. When trimming your beard, you’d like to emphasize the line where the hair starts and ends. Your neckline will essentially outline the lower portion of the beard, which is different for every person . Full or short beard, that neckline hair needs a nice trim so you can have a clean look and shape.

Forming the Neckline

Forming the beard neckline is actually easier than it seems, so don’t complicate it. If possible, use a three-way mirror, or just use any handheld mirror to look at your face at different angles. Keep your chin up when assessing your beard, and make sure you’re standing up straight so you can clearly see the neckline and where you want to shave.

Just before you star the trim, pretend there’s an arched line underneath your jawline and it travels up to the back part of your earlobes. At the angle where your neck meets under your jaw is where the line should stop (about right under your chin) . The neckline must be close to higher edge of your Adam’s apple. Tilting your chin downward such that you see the natural crease created as your chin’s underside connects with the top of your neck, will also give you a clearer idea of how your beard neckline should look.

Making a Go for It

Now imagine two vertical lines, one for the right side of your face and one for the left. Keep in mind that these lines will be running perpendicular to that crease that formed while pulling in your chin. This will shape the neckline’s corners beneath the end of the jaw and ears, but you need to round them off for a more natural appearance.

Next, shave all the hairs underneath your neckline, and you’re done. You’ve got a well-trimmed beard neckline. You know you’ve done it right if it looks natural and blends in perfectly with your beard and sideburns.


If the above seems too challenging for you, the double chin method is an easier way to identify your beard neckline. Start by tilting your chin downward, creating a natural wrinkle when your double chin meets your neck and runs along your jawline. Shave off the hair under the line. Seems funny at first but it’s rather effective you’ll see.

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