Paul Gallen vs Sonny Bill Williams fight might happen soon

SBW vs Paul Gallen Boxing is on – Sonny Bill Williams has agreed to organise a fight with Paul Gallen after they both finish their domestic sport seasons.

The big fight, the one you can’t wait to see, is all on, according to an Australian sports columnist.

SBW vs Paul Gallen

Sonny Bill Williams will fight league hardman Paul Gallen after the All Blacks end-of-year tour, says the Sydney Morning Herald’s Danny Weidler.

Gallen has long been vocal about wanting a bout with the All Black, but up until now Williams has stayed silent on the challenge.

For Gallen though, the facts remain. Sonny Bill Williams is not a good match-up. Stylistically or physically.

Sonny Bill has the height and reach advantage at 191cm. Gallen is relatively undersized as a heavyweight, at 180cm.

Yes, Mike Tyson was smaller than Gallen, standing at 178cm tall, but Iron Mike was once considered the baddest man on the planet, and a very different animal.


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