Stieglitz vs Sjekloca Boxen SES-Box-Gala live aus Leipzig übertragen!

Stieglitz vs Sjekloc Boxen : the “double pack”! European champion Robert Stieglitz and his stable colleague, WBO / WBA interconti champion Dominic Bösel. On 18 March 2017 the two semi-heavyweights of SES Boxing will show with a “double stroke” in the Arena Leipzig that they belong to the absolute world-class peak in this weight class.


Stieglitz vs Sjekloca Boxen

With another three title bouts, this boxing event becomes a “big fight day”!

  • Robert Stieglitz vs  Nikola Sjekloca

WBO Intercontinental / WBA Continental / IBF Intercontinental Championship Semi-Heavyweight (12 rounds)

  • Dominic Bösel vs Sami Enbom

Three more title bouts:

IBF International Heavyweight Championship (12 rounds)

  • Erkan Teper vs Mariusz Wach

Int. German Welterweight Championship (10 rounds)

  • Phillip Nsingi vs Kasim Gashi

Int. German featherweight championship (10 rounds)

  • Sandra Atanassow vs Gabriella Busa
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